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Cette société de déménagement œuvrant dans toute la Suisse ainsi qu’à l’international est spécialisée dans le débarrât de meubles encombrants. Leurs équipes récupèrent l’ensemble de vos mobiliers et se chargent de les amener à bon port avec le plus grand des soins.

Prolan Multi Services s’appuie sur son histoire, son expérience et son expertise pour offrir les meilleures prestations possibles sur le marché du déménagement.

Pro Logement est ravi d’offrir à sa clientèle un bon de 10% pour un déménagement sur mesure, lors de l’achat d’un bien immobilier auprès de la société Prolan Multi Services.



DL | Property financing consulting

Independent and neutral firm specialized in property financing and mortgage loan brokerage.

To current and future real-estate owners, DL proposes all competencies necessary for effective financing via mortgage loan solutions as well as fiscal strategy and planning.

Upon a real-estate purchase Pro Logement offers its clientele a personalized financing, tax and asset management planning assessment coupon.

Via the existing collaboration between DL and banking as well as insurance organizations you will dispose of a global market view, rapidly and with due diligence.

- Purchasing potential calculator
- Mortgage load Calculator
- Penalty calculator

DL | Conseils en financement immobilier


The Swiss union of real estate professionals is one of the canton of Vaud’s oldest professional associations. Its initial name was the SVR (Société Vaudoise des Régisseurs) and was founded on December 14, 1940. Since 2007 it exists under the name of USPI Vaud, and endorses three fundamental values, namely, ethics, quality and competence.

Member companies located across the canton are active in all sectors of the real-estate branch (property management, property administration by floor, brokerage, promotion, investment funds, etc.).

This association is also one best represented, since it counts no less than 131 member companies (branch offices included) employing over 2,500 collaborators and manage the majority of the canton’s real-estate properties. USPI Vaud thus represents Vaud’s real-estate sector which makes it a qualified and credible political arena partner.




Beyond being a single agency coalition, SwissRéseau is above all a state of mind! Our concept provides real-estate professionals valuable network abilities thanks to the most advanced technologies.

he goal of this network is to offer the possibility to strongly increase sales capacity via cross-agency selling, that is to say by allowing any member agency to sell an object the mandate of which is held by another member agency (while still maintaining exclusivity on select mandates).

In the case of a cross-agency sale, the brokerage commission is split equally between the two agencies.